Privacy Compliance Solutions

Automatically identify and tag personal data across your entire data infrastructure for ongoing privacy compliance

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Discover, inventory, map, and audit your data at petabyte scale.

Not all personal data is where you think it is, and metadata can only go so far. Preclusio lets you see what personal information is being stored so you don’t have to rely on metadata alone.

Preclusio knows how much time it takes companies to find, map and ensure customer’s personal information is in compliance with the GDPR and CCPA.

We have a better way

Automated data mapping

Don’t spend engineering sprints creating and updating your data maps, let our software do it for you.

On-premises and cloud-based solution

Our on-premises and cloud-based solution ensures the information never leaves your control.

Personal information and policy exceptions

Discover unknown personal information and policy exceptions across all of your data stores.

Enable security and tracking

Enable security and tracking around your customer’s data to stay within GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Automated alerting

Automated alerting to your decision-makers for quick remediation.

Continual Monitoring

We continue to monitor your data to keep your data inventory up-to-date.


Let us show you how easy managing your data map and data inventory can be with Preclusio.